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WITHOUT Any Technical Knowledge or IT Skills! )

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* Still think the income is not relevant with today mobile app world? Think again. 

Hi friend. My name is Jason. Nice to meet you all here. :) 

You have come to this page at the right time. 

First of all, it is the best time for you to start your mobile app business because mobile app industry is at its infant stage right now and there are less competitions out there compared to the conventional internet marketing industry. In other words, you just have your unfair advantage! 

Secondly, the good news is, making money from mobile apps is much less challenging than making money from internet marketing, especially for beginners.

Look no further. Mobile apps are not just FUTURE, it is NOW. Here are some of the concrete statistics about mobile apps…

Source: Statista.com

The statistics above depicts the total number of smartphone users worldwide from 2014 to 2020. As you can notice from the graph, for 2020, the number of smartphone users is forecast to reach 2.87 billions, not even reach the half of world population! This also means that there are still plenty of spaces for you to tap on the mobile apps market!

In addition, Mark Zuckerberg in his website – Internet.org – stated that there are about two-third of the world population are still not connected to the Internet. You know the fact – 67% of the world population are not accessing to the Internet – it means the total number of mobile app users are still expanding, probably expanding in an exponential mode. They are the people who are not using mobile apps – simply because they cannot connected to the Internet!

It is YOU that can help to cater their needs – build mobile apps – and possibly earning handsome money from them! Bear in mind, I am not even included the technology that derives from mobile apps – Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), 360 degree videos, etc. The list goes on!

Did you heard of Flappy Bird mobile app?

Did you know that Flappy Bird creator can earn up to $50,000 in just a single day? Isn’t it a huge money? After 30 days, the income would be 30 x $50,000 = $1.5 millions. That was handsome income for one month!

Guess what is the total size of this mobile app? Answer: Not even 1MB!

You see, this is a better business model. You created a tiny little software and uploaded to Google Play Store. Boom! You can just sit and relax. Waiting the money flowing into your bank account.

There are countless advertisers that are willing to pay money to Google and Google agree to pay you simply because you show the advertisers’ ads on your mobile apps. The advertisers are happy because their ads are properly show up. Google is happy. You are happy. Win-Win-Win situation!

Isn’t it the BEST business model in the world? You bet!

Still not confident enough about the earnings? Let’s see how Clash of Clans earns in a day… (I don’t know how much Supercell will earn for the new Clash Royale app…)

Would you want to have these incomes WITHOUT selling anything?

Yes, you can! IF AND ONLY IF you find the RIGHT MENTOR to teach you…and together with the RIGHT SYSTEM….

Yes. I created my first mobile app back in 2011.

At the time of writing, I have created more than 100 mobile apps and my accumulated mobile app downloads are more than 2 millions.

I have a significant number of students (as shown in the above profile) on Udemy.com – a famous platform for online learning.

And, I have students from all around the world.

The reason I am showing off these figures is because I want to reassure you that I am a genuine person that specialize in mobile apps. I could go on and on to the blurb about myself but that would be impolite. There is no point telling you how awesome I am.

So I’ll leave it to your own justification on my credibility.

You see, in any successful business, there is a system that works behind. So were mobile apps.

I am about to show you an amazing system that let the money works for you.

The beauty of this system is this – it does generate serious money, and on AUTO-PILOT. When people downloaded your apps and use them, you make the money. Simple as that.

I’ll teach you how to create content apps, business apps and game apps. I’ll also be focusing on Android Apps, since it dominates the smartphone operating system.

We are now in the information era. The biggest problem that many people facing now is INFORMATION OVERLOAD.

Now, for every problem there is an opportunity.

It is YOU that can help them to overcome this serious problem. You may ask yourself: How could I do that?

The late Steve Jobs once said: Convenience is everything. Analogously, you can reorganize the information so that it is so convenient for the people to consume. I’ll reveal a smarter way for you to find those information. This reduces your workload to turn that information into a mobile app.

In fact, content apps are the most easiest apps that you can create. The way to make money with these apps is to choose a niche market and create content solely for this niche market. For example, you can create an app about weight loss, relationship, dog, finance,… The sky is the limit.

As stated previously, I’ll tell you where to find those information without involved in copyright infringement issues. We want you to play safe. :)

[ Note: HD training videos will be provided for creating Content Apps. ] 

[UPDATED: Here are the outlines of some of the training videos as stated.]

World’s Number One Strategist – Tony Robbins – once said in his Facebook post:

Did you know that 96% of all companies fail over a ten-year period? And that 40-50% of all first marriages in the United States end in divorce? Why? The reason is the same for both — they stop marketing and innovating.

If you have a business, you cannot neglect marketing.

Well, there are large portions of the employers didn’t realize the importance of mobile app marketing. They advertise on the local newspapers and radios. They practicing SMS marketing, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Email marketing,… but they never use mobile apps to market their product or services.

By the way, you may ask how do I use mobile app to market businesses? The answer lies in what I called instant notifications – the Push Notifications that are send to the smartphone users. It is a better marketing technology. In fact, it is much more effective than email marketing because the open rate is far more greater than email marketing!

I bet you really don’t want to read so many emails in a day, right? The advantage of push notifications is this – people tend to read them whenever they receive it. When the more the people read it, chances are more people will tend to buy or subscribe to your products or services.

Source: tapptic.com 

The question – How can I profit from this?

Well, you can easily charge the employers a certain amount of monthly fee. Because you created a mobile app with high technology feature for the employers, you deserved to be paid.

Note that you will also be taught how to integrate your mobile apps with many other available high technology features – should your clients want some additional mobile app features.

On top of that, you can charge additional fees so that you can increase your income. Lovely. :)

WITHOUT Any Technical Knowledge or IT Skills! )

According to Kinvey survey,  the average cost of building a mobile app can be as high as $270,000. That’s insane!

Imagine if you charge only $10,000 per mobile app creation per client, you will have $100,000 for just 10 companies.

How about 100 companies? You know the maths.

Additionally, if you are not happy with the earnings, you can even charge them per month for maintenance/update fees. You control everything. Period. What else can be more happier than this? :)

[ Note: HD training videos will be provided for creating Business Apps. ] 

Well, it is important to diversify your mobile app portfolio.

Game apps are the “hot cakes” that you should not missed. No doubt to say ADDICTIVE game apps are the apps that drive more revenues than other types of apps.

You see, I am pretty sure you come to this. You glance through Google Play Store or Apple App Store and downloaded an app that you think is fun to play. Initially, you just test playing. And, after a while, you notice that this game app really makes you happy. It is too fun to play. And boom. You are “officially” an addicted app users that playing non-stop. You play your game in the toilet, on your sofa and on your bed. The more time users spend on playing, the more money the game company earn! This is how the game companies make the money – either via ads or in-app purchases.

The great news is, you can created an addictive (yet quality) game app WITHOUT programming skills! I’ll show you how! :)

Anyway, you don’t need to understand any of these right now because I’ll be going in-depth with each of them later on.

Yes, you will get to access my best-selling courses on Udemy. You will get to know how to create ADDICTIVE game apps! I’ll teach you step-by-step (with HD training videos) so you don’t have to worry about it.

It was designed for non-programmers. No coding skills required.

At the end the courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion – certify that you have successfully completed my courses. You will like them! :)

On a separate note, you will have an unfair advantage (after studying my videos) of getting rid of some of the greedy and unethical programmers out there. Don’t get me wrong. I means SOME, not ALL programmers. :)

There exists programmers out there that trying to charge unreasonable money just to edit a few lines of codes on the mobile app. I am here to help you to save your hard-earned money! :) You will thank me after this. Just joking. :)

You’ll be doing while learning the videos, therefore, expect to start making some money WHILE you’re still going through videos. One important thing to point out – I’m NOT teaching you programming!

If you want to learn programming, probably you can find Mark Zuckerberg. :)

What I’m teaching you is how to become an app entrepreneur, perhaps even becoming an app millionaire someday. I’ll be teaching you the secrets and strategies of making money with apps and turning them into real businesses. It’s about creating smart passive income for your life!

[ Note: HD training videos will be provided for creating ADDICTIVE Game Apps. ] 

Here are the additional tools that you will need for your mobile app business. They are the bonuses that you have been waiting. Once you signed up, they are YOURS. From graphics pack to musics to eBook, I’ve thoroughly chosen the best for you. They are…

Photoshop Text Styles (260 Files)

Cartoon GUI (600 Elements)

Professional Squeeze Pages (74 Files)

Sound  Effects (1,537 Files)

Initially, I’ve set the price for this system at $2,999 because I’ve never share this secret with anyone.

You see, no one will ever know how hard I’m working on expanding my mobile app empire. Sadly to say that a few of my students not even deeply grateful for what I’ve taught to them. When they face technical challenges, they will talk impolitely. They will show their unhappy faces to me. Some even said “What the f**k are you teaching?”.

It saddened me.

Then I came to realize that we are merely human. We will have unstable emotional state. We will feel stress when something not going right. It does take me some times to figure out how to become happier. Then I choose to forgive them. When I do that, I am more happier. I should focus on what I want. So to speak.

You know what. The most happiest thing in my life is not how much money I’ve generated from mobile apps. It is the money that spent wisely on helping people that are in need that makes me happy.

Below are two Chinese Language dictionaries that I’ve bought for my pupils (Yes, I sometimes teach in rural schools when I have free time). These two pupils (they are siblings by the way) came from a very poor family and they really cannot afford to buy dictionaries. So, I’ve made a decision to buy them something. Something useful. Well, I’ve thought to buy luxury smartphones for them with cool apps inside. But I didn’t. You know, kids tend to get addicted with games. :)

Then these two innocent kids asked me, “How could have so much money to buy things for us?”

My reply, “I make money via apps. People pay me money then I pay you.” :)

This is what app incomes bring true happiness to me. It was my story. You can have yours! :)

Everybody only live once. But would you rather live happily by achieving these? Stop for a moment. Think about your life again. Are you truly strive hard to achieve both TIME and FINANCIAL freedom? Everybody wants it. But, I can tell you, only those take actions and never give up can achieve it. Don’t set goals only for yourself. Set goals for your loved ones. Only then you will keep your momentum going.

Here’s the fact, I’m on a mission to help as many people as possible. It’s okay for me to make less at this stage as I have multiple streams of app incomes. Hence, I decided to make it affordable for everyone. It is not $2,999. It is not even $499. Here are the price options that you can go for unlimited app licenses. To secure your unlimited app licenses before all of them are gone (anytime soon), just click your desired button below to checkout.


90% OFF


90% OFF


90% OFF

Imagine if you’re just making as little as $100 PER DAY like my students are doing, you would have recuperate your investment in just days. After that, you’ll continue to grow your mobile app empire and keeping 100% of the profit.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. IMPORTANT:  I may end this offer as early as possible whenever I feel want to. Don’t delay. Your future is here, it is NOW. To get your mobile app licenses secured, click on the links above NOW… Remember, you have a 45-day money back guarantee with no questions asked whatsoever.

P.P.S. You see, within the next few days, you too could be an app entrepreneur like me. The step-by-step training videos that you follow WILL generate results that will surprise you – should you learn by doing. Remember, success don’t come easily!

Question: Do I need to learn about programming?

Answer: No, this system was designed for NON-programmers. In fact, most of our students who are making money with mobile apps right now DO NOT have any programming knowledge or experience at all. It’s about your understanding on how to build your mobile app empire.

Question: Do I need a smartphone or PC while learning your materials?

Answer: Yes. You will need to preview or test your mobile apps BEFORE uploading them to multiple mobile app stores. You just need cheaper smartphone to run your mobile app business. It is highly recommended that you buy an Android phone, if you do not have one. PC with Windows Operating System is needed while learning. We will focus on Android apps creation. However, if you wish to create iOS apps, you can consider to buy iPod Touch / iPad / iPhone / iMac / MacBook. 

Question: How do you teach me to earn money via mobile apps?

Answer: The materials I use to teach you including High Definition (HD) videos, pdf, softwares, etc. You will learn the money-making system step-by-step. Initially, make sure you follow exactly what I am teaching and BE PATIENT while learning my videos. 

Question: What is the difference between System #1, System #2 and System #3? 

Answer: For System #1 and System #2, you will be using my “underground” software to build unlimited Content Apps and Business Apps (support both Android and iOS). For System #3, you will be using open source Android (not XCode) softwares to build unlimited ADDICTIVE Game Apps. Again, no programming is involved for these three systems. 

Question: If I unsubscribed to your unlimited app licenses package, will my apps still live on the mobile app stores?

Answer: Yes. However, we will deactivated your unlimited app licenses account and you may not unable to perform new updates on your mobile apps. Your unlimited mobile app sync feature will also be terminated should you unsubscribed to our unlimited app licenses package. 

Question: Any One-Time Offer (OTO) besides the Unlimited Apps Licences package? 

Answer: No. There is no OTO. You will only be charged either per month or per year basis. I want to ensure your Return On Investment (ROI) is high enough to recoup your investment for my system. 

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I like a quote from Mark Zuckerberg. You may heard it before…

The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

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